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The Browgal

About The Browgal

The Browgal was created by Tonya Crooks, a fine artist turned celebrity makeup artist and brow expert. Tonya was able to apply her background in fine art to her makeup and eyebrow product lines, creating a unique range for her clients.

After years of being dissatisfied by the cookie cutter factory colors that showed up in most other brands, Tonya dedicated over 3 years to hand mixing her own brow colors to suit the needs of all ethnicities and nationalities she was servicing in her brow studio. Most of her clients are busy women and men who need great brows and quick fixes on the run, so Tonya designed a built-in sharpener to her pencils, a highlighter that could act as a contour pen and a gel that would set and “waterproof: her clients’ brows all day. These innovations combined with harder pencil lead to make the pencil strokes look more natural, were small but effective changes that show Tonya’s attention to detail.