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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Creative Beauty Source was founded in 2016 through a perfect partnership, where both passion and belief were the main elements to establish a company in the beauty industry: A trademark of innovative beauty service and supply, Creative beauty Source aims to uplift the standards of beauty distribution within the UAE market and the Gulf Region.

Creative Beauty Source adopts a strong cultural and ethical approach to business. Our brand partners are carefully considered and our shared love of innovation and superior craftsmanship is what cements our alliance. We are actively growing our portfolio of leading international brands.

At Creative Beauty Source we do things differently. Our growing team of international beauty experts have decades of experience, they understand the market needs and are fully committed to serve it.

We are rapidly expanding and looking to bring the niche and most forward-thinking brands in the beauty industry to the UAE and Gulf Region. Our aim is to create an unparalleled team of beauty professionals with the most selected products and services that complement the industry as a whole.

Our Vision & Mission

To become our client’s preferred partner & main resources for all beauty products. We aim to achieve this by providing our valued clients with the most innovative, reliable and niche products in the beauty industry.

Our Values

Commitment: We are fully committed towards our team and our stakeholders. We shall keep our promises and deliver in a speedy and efficient manner.

Integrity: We believe trusting each other’s is the core of any successful partnership. We believe in equality, honesty and appreciation for our teams and our stakeholders through transparent communication and respect.

Excellence: We are expert in our field and are fully dedicated to achieve our objectives and satisfy our stakeholder’s needs. We have a passion for winning and shall always aim to achieve our goals at the highest standards of professionalism.

Socially Responsible: We are ethical and sensitive toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. We are passionate about our children’s future and are committed to work with our partners for a healthy and positive environment.

Innovation: We aim to create strategic alliances that work together in innovating the way beauty is perceived, consumed, delivered, and produced across the UAE and the Gulf Region.

Meet Our Team

Faris Suhail Ali Al Yabhouni

Faris Suhail Ali Al Yabhouni

Managing Director

Faris, an UAE National, is a young and energetic business person with more than 20 years of track record. After acquiring his Bachelor Degree from Lewis & Clark College in the USA in 1995, followed by his Master Degree in Finances from University of Westminster in the UK in 1997, Faris worked with the government from 1999 to 2006 as a Director General overseeing governmental and private exhibitions as well as evaluating governmental companies’ portfolio to take them public.

In 2006, Faris founded the largest nail heaven chain in the Middle East: Tips & Toes as well as Jazz Lounge and today he is the CEO of these successful chains. He is also the owner of a privately owned group, Ben Suhail Distribution. Faris strives to working with different partners, seeks out sustainable and profitable investment opportunity in those various sectors.

The group is headquartered in Dubai with a strong presence in the country. Faris believes the core strength of a business success is through a positive combination of leadership and the team. He is actively participating in social responsibility and encourages his teams to do so.

Manwel Yehya

Manwel Yehya

General Manager

Manwel, Lebanese, is a versatile goal oriented professional, with exceptional skills in developing and executing comprehensive strategies to increase efficiency and enhancing relationship with partners and customers. Manwel acquired his bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese University in 2000 and has been working in the beauty industry ever since. Today he has a deep understanding of Skin, Hair, Nail and sun care products. Thanks to his passion of beauty products and extensive knowledge, Manwel’s philosophy in making things happen differently is being adopted by his growing team of experts.